Packaging is a vital stage that has a direct impact towards the condition of products when they are received by the clients. We see it as our responsibility to make certain that all goods are in good state when they are handed to the clients.

In order to ensure that all products are well-kept, we have designed a dual (BA Flute) layer corrugated box which is specially made to store our products. We also add several other protective layers to secure them. In general, the items listed below are used in our packaging stages in addition to the self-designed corrugated box:

  • WD40 to prevent the formation of rust
  • Custom bag or wrapping film to fit the components
  • Bubble pack wrapping to give in extra protection
  • Mic-Pac ä to provide superior cushioning and reduce freight cost
  • Label to be placed on box which eases the distribution and the reception

Our custom packaging method has been well-received by our clients as it makes the delivery process hassle-free.

In the event of international shipment containing wood packaging material such as pallets and wooden box, rest assured that we manage in compliance with the ISPM15 rules.