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At Setsu, we are equipped with an impressive array of efficient machines and equipment in our facilities such as modern machine shops, automated machine builders and many more. We fully utilize every piece of equipment that we have in our facility to ensure that we can meet our client’s needs and requirements.

Searching for a reliable CNC cutting service or machining works? As one of the leading one-stop CNC machining centers in Malaysia, our facilities can handle every project. This allows us to produce a high volume of production to cater for all of our client’s needs.

Best Facility with Advanced Machining Technology

The company’s manufacturing site is located at Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Puloh, Klang, Selangor, with a plant size of about 22,000 square feet which includes modern production facilities with a head count of 52 local and foreign employees. The environment has a good lighting system and totally air-conditioned control to hold required tolerances and accommodate our state of art precision CNC machining.

Our overall production capabilities are also enhanced by our key partnership with suppliers who provide other processes such as water-cut, laser-cut and gun-drill processes as part of our policy to be one-stop services that we offer to all our customers.

Several technician are using automated machine builders.There are many CNC machining center & modern machine shops available at Setsu Precision.

Let Us Help You!

Be it for machining works or CNC cutting services, our cutting-edge facilities are always ready to supply all your precision machining needs! Have any inquiries? Feel free to talk to us at Malaysia’s no. 1 CNC company, Setsu today. Regardless of where you are, we are always ready to help.