CAD & CAM (Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing)

CAD & CAM (Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing)

CNC Precision Machining, Turning & Milling | CAD CAM Malaysia

A man is doing a prototype CNC machining on his computer.
In order to meet the needs of our clients, we take part in every aspect from designing, prototyping as well as manufacturing processes. We combine our advanced machining solutions and extensive expertise with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

We specialize in manufacturing complex CNC precision machining parts for both CNC milling and CNC turning capabilities. Although we are based in Malaysia, we have worked with various clients from different sectors all around the world as we deliver the highest quality component parts to suit their needs.

How We Incorporate CAD & CAM in CNC Precision Machining

Setsu specializes in 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling as well as CNC turning, owing to the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software that we use. CAD works by creating models, while CAM programmes the manufacturing processes to turn the design into solid objects. The combination of both software speeds up the production stage and guarantees precise dimensions of final outputs.

In the mention of CAD and CAM, we are honored to be granted licenses and are trained to use the latest versions of CIMATRON and MASTERCAM software. Furthermore, we also master other CAD systems such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Our experience has convinced us that Parasolid (*.x_t,*.xmt_txt) file is the most accurate. However, our software is also compatible with other file formats that are commonly used in the industry. Here is a list of the file formats that we can work with:

  • Parasolid(*.x_t,*.xmt_txt)
  • STEP (*.stp,*.step)
  • SolidWorks native file (*.sldprt,*.sldasm)
  • Cimatron native file (*.elt)
  • DWG (*.dwg)
  • SAT (*.sat, *.saa)
  • STL(*.stl)
  • PFM(*.pfm)

As an expert in precision machining, we have a wealth of experience in the industry that will deliver you the best engineering solutions. Regardless of whether you are seeking CNC precision milling or turning services, rest assured that we are here to offer you top-notch service for all your CNC precision machining requirements. You can also explore other pages like custom metal work and CNC precision machining parts in Malaysia to know more about us.